Freelance Writing Skills You Need To Make It As A Full-Time Writer

Writing skills are not enough to become a successful freelance writer. Having a full-time job as a freelancer requires much more than just the gift of writing excellent content.

You try your luck with a freelance website and are able to get assignments for a content management company.
Congratulations! You are now getting paid and earning a living as a full-time writer.

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The challenge is how you can maintain that steady flow of clients that will give writing assignments.

The quality of content you provide is essential to clients but so is a quick turnaround time. You may write well but take days to fulfill small copy and blog posts. This will cause you to lose clients and assignments.

A skill that you need to develop is being able to finish your task in the fastest time possible. This means that you also don’t sacrifice the quality of your work in the process.

Let’s say you were given a 1-week deadline, try to finish it in a few days so that you can accept more assignments from other clients. Be on time with your submissions and make your clients happy. They may refer you to some of their colleagues in the business who may need your services.

Freelance writers should learn how to edit their own work and not rely on editors so much. There are simple grammar and spelling checkers that you can use for free. Why not check on plagiarism as well while you are at it. Double check if the links work and read the article aloud to check for flow.

Another skill you need to develop is how to write long-form articles. These are pieces that are 1,200 to 2,000 words long. Quality is of utmost importance with long-form articles.

You need to maintain a consistent voice all throughout the lengthy piece. This type of writing needs skills in research and storytelling.

It is common for these projects to have deadlines that are weeks or even months in advance. This will depend upon the topic and the research needed in order to complete the assignment.

To finish long-form assignments, you need to do all the needed research first. After completing your research, make an outline of the piece you intend to write and send to your client for review. In this way, you are able to get approval early instead of submitting your finished work and getting disapproved which would cause you to do the work all over again.

Freelance writers need to develop different writing styles of writing. There are 2 general types that you need to master: casual writing and formal copywriting.

Casual writing is a more conversational type of writing. The goal is to engage your audience. Casual pieces can be funny, moving and engaging.

Formal copywriting jobs are based on a strict set of guidelines that you must follow in order to complete the task. Assignments can vary from having to write about a specific product, use a group of keywords a couple of times and including a number of links to pages on your client’s site.

Copywriting is now more sales based which is why selling skills are important to develop. You must have a quick understanding of a client’s products and services and how to pitch them to their target audience with your content.

Freelance writers work from home but it does not mean you should not stay organized. You need to keep track of transaction records, deadlines, project details and hire dates.

The best recommendation you can get from clients is a quick turn around time and high-quality work. Staying organized can help you achieve this.

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