Writing a Blog Post For Your Niche

Everyone seems to be blogging these days. There are around 42,000,000 WordPress blogs that are online, and the numbers are growing daily.

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You have decided to join the bandwagon, but you want to do it right to become successful. You may ask, how does blogging work?

How do you attract readers to your site? How long does it take to build a loyal following and eventually monetize your blog?

Many bloggers make the mistake of just jumping into it without actual planning. They pump out post after post without considering theme layout, plugins, color choice, and branding.

These over-eager bloggers write content on different topics and niches. Their content is great, but they can’t seem to attract any engagement or traffic.

The one thing they have missed is having a niche.

The first thing that they should have done is writing a blog post for their niche.

A niche is a specific topic that you focus on in your writing. It’s the central theme of your blog and what you are passionate about. When you choose a niche, all your posts are related to that main theme.

If you are a financial advisor, for example, your blog posts are centered on investing and insuring.

You may think that readers will get bored if you write about the same topic all the time.

No need to worry, readers look for a blog because it provides specific content on a particular niche.

As long as you provide value with your writing and are updated with the latest news and trends, you will do just fine.

There are niche blogs and general multi-topic blogs. General blogs focus on a number of topics, a good example is a lifestyle blog. They write content about lifestyle topics like health, career, technology, and home decor.

Some may think that a general blog is better than a niche blog because you get to cover more ground.

Not really, according to ShoutMeLoud, a general blog is bad for SEO, readership and monetizing your blog.

If you are a newbie, running a general blog is a huge undertaking.

Benefits of a Niche
Blogging is not a bed of roses as some may think. It is tough, you have to keep on crafting valuable content on a regular basis for traffic to keep on coming in.

Some may hit the wall and get blogger’s block, all of a sudden all your ideas have gone dry.

Those who have a niche have more tools available for continuity. You can look at previous content that became popular that you can revive or update to give them a fresh perspective.

Having a niche makes it easier to come up with headlines and topics compared to a general blog with no central theme.

Having a Niche Makes You an Expert
Writing in your niche makes it easier since you know it very well.

You can write original stuff that is based on your experiences in that niche.

You can also pick a niche and become an expert through study, research, and blogging.

Once you are established in your niche, people will soon flock to you to learn valuable tips, tricks, and guides from you.

A good example of this is the PinchofYum blog.

This successful food blog is run by husband and wife team of Lindsay and Bjork.

Before becoming a food blogger, Lindsay was a schoolteacher, and in the beginning, she just posted pics of food that she created.

She is self-taught when it comes to taking eye-catching food images making her an expert in food photography. She can now teach others to take food photos that can be posted on Pinterest.

A Niche Builds an Audience
People long for quality content and will seek for blogs that can meet their needs.

You have a more significant chance of retaining readers if you produce content within a niche. If you write about an SEO article that goes viral, people will expect follow up articles related to SEO.

People may not stick with you if you suddenly write about beauty secrets for your skin.

A Niche Helps Monetize Your Blog
Some bloggers start a blog without thinking about earning money from it. They just wanted a platform to share their thoughts and experiences.

Once a huge audience is built, you suddenly realize that income could be generated from such a loyal following.

You can start promoting affiliate links or make money from ads and sponsorships.

Build an email list to maximize your potential earnings. Use a lead magnet for faster list building and make your pitches to your subscribers from there.

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