Discover The Best Niche To Write In

There are a lot of ways to earn as a writer, if you want to earn more then you must become an expert in a particular niche. You must discover the best niche to write in for you.

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This will make your writing tasks easier as you discover more about where the best sources are in your chosen niche. It makes writing fun as well because you get to master your craft and help more people in the process.

You can also develop more stories as sources will know that you are focused on their niche and they tip you off on the latest trends and breaking headlines.

As your expertise grows, you become a valuable asset to your clients. Rates will start to go up and will continue to increase as time goes by.

You start to ask yourself, how do I discover my niche?

Some writers continue to think about what topic they should choose as a specialty. Thinking about it will not get you anywhere. You need to choose a niche and start writing about it.

As a freelancer, there are many writing assignments that you can choose. Pick one that interests you and start working on that particular niche.

Writing a lot about one topic helps you to discover more about it. As more aspects are known to you, you will find out where the good paying clients are.

Let us take real estate as an example. There are aspects like real estate financing and types of real estate investing that you can dig deeper into.

There are clients like real estate companies and trade publications that may become interested in what you are writing about. Just keep on accepting assignments to write and learn more about your niche.

As you start working on different assignments and niches, you will know if there is a market for your writing and if you can make a lot of money doing it.

The more you write, you will also know what type of niche you get to enjoy. This is one consideration in choosing a niche for you. If you are not having fun while you write, then what’s the point right?

Stay away from topics that most people write about and are common knowledge.

Why not choose a niche based on your background? Let’s say you are a licensed financial advisor then you can start writing about topics within your field. You are automatically considered a credible source of information because of your credentials.

There are many who are not financially literate and they would not mind paying you good money for your expert advice.

Alan Greenspan was quoted as saying “The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy.”

This is a signal that there is a huge market if you choose the financial advisor niche. This niche has such a broad coverage of topics like Insurance, investments, estate planning and so much more.

There are certain niches that pay well compared to others. As we have mentioned already, financial services, technology and healthcare are among the highest paying niches that you can write about.

Some writers might think that they have no knowledge and experience when it comes to the high paying niches, the solution would be to learn as you go.

Passion plays a big role in what niche to choose, don’t downplay what you love and are passionate about as a low paying niche at once.

There are fields of expertise that have fewer competitors than the rest. These may be hard categories which is why only a few enter into it, but if you have the passion for it then go for it.

You are also not limited to choosing a single niche, why not be an expert in multiple niches? This may become your fall back if ever your industry goes bankrupt


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