Why Free SEO Audit Tools Can Be Bad

There are a lot of free SEO tools that are available online. There are companies and businesses who would vouch for the effectivity of using these tools. On the other hand, there are those who are skeptical and thinks that using these free tools are a waste of time. Some even go so far as saying that these tools can actually do you more harm.

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Free SEO audit tools are widely used among businesses today and who would not want to use them? They’re Free!

A lot of SEO experts use them on their websites. Whether or not they just use these tools for data capture will be discovered in the long run anyway.

The problem is these audit tools can be misleading and could result in wasting your time and effort. It can even cost you more if you need to fix the mess that it created on your website.

We examine the reasons why some people think that you are being duped into believing that these things actually work.

Performing an SEO audit on a website is hard and time-consuming. It is quite amusing for a free tool to come up with a good audit in just minutes. There are a lot of factors that an SEO expert should take into consideration when performing a deep site audit. It’s not one size fits all or using a cookie cutter method when it comes to reporting.

How can a tool give a good SEO audit when all you type in is a URL, then a report pops out in minutes. This is just like fortune telling to some users and they have a point.

The tool has no information about other metrics like your target market, competitors, niche, locality, etc.

A good strategy needs to factor in these criteria to make your campaign more effective.

For those who would want to see if an SEO audit tool will give some benefit or not, there is a way you can check. You can put the URL of the owner of the free site audit tool and review the results. There are some agencies that get bad reports even from their own tools. This is a red flag that you should avoid these companies at all costs.

There are a lot of bad tools out there, they simply give bad advice and data that are out of context. This is due to having little or no information about the website that the tool is analyzing.

There are also agencies that charge a very low rate for SEO because they use these bad tools to generate their reports. Worse there are some who give duplicate reports to new clients which were taken from their previous audit.

When it comes to free tools and software we have to keep in mind that we should lower our expectations when it comes to these services. If it helps us out then great, but often times SEO will cost a lot because the expertise needed is built through hard work and experience.

Giving away free products and services is a marketing strategy that has been used for a long time. Companies want you to try their product or service so that they can eventually offer you more once you have tried them out. There is nothing wrong with this approach as long as you stick with the reputable companies in the SEO industry.

There are free tools that work and this has been verified by experts who have tried them out and have put out reviews for them. Just stay away from the scammers and bogus agencies that are only out to make a fast buck


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