Best Plagiarism Checkers 2018

There are so many new websites being set up everyday which makes digital duplication a common problem. If you write your own content for your website then this won’t be an issue, but if you hire a freelance writer, you must be sure if the content is original before you publish it. It’s a good thing that there are SEO plagiarism tools that are available online that you can use to check for duplicate content.

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There are a lot of new writers who simply spin and plagiarize articles. Plagiarism is done when you copy others work without giving the proper credit to them or imitating another’s work and claiming it as yours.

We give you some of the best plagiarism checkers in the market today. Some may ask what percentage of plagiarism is ok? It should be zero, but when it comes to having common phrases it should not exceed 10% to 15% when using the SEO tools for plagiarism.

This is considered one of the best tools built that is based on an advanced algorithm. It can point out the errors and gives suggestions on how to correct based on 400 plus types of grammatical rules. Grammarly performs a scan to look for content similarities. It works well with MS Office, Outlook and your web browsers.

There are free and premium versions available. With the free version access is limited to a proofreading tool. In order to check for plagiarism using Grammarly you need to get the premium subscription.

When you have the premium account, you can enable the plagiarism check and it will perform a scan in more than 8 million web pages to look for plagiarized lines. It will underline these lines and provide the URL of the website where it found the plagiarized lines.

This tool also allows users to choose between American and British English and coming up with your own personal dictionary. They also support various writing styles like Academic, Business, and Medical, etc.

Premium will cost around $29.95 a month while a yearly subscription will give you as low as $11.66 a month.

Plagiarism Checker X
A great tool for checking duplicate content with speed and accuracy. It is a trusted tool used by many universities and colleges from the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK.

This tool performs exceptionally well in checking between 2 documents. It has a bulk search feature which can check one or multiple files against multiple files. The software will show the percentage of duplication that is color coded, blue and green will mean minor duplication while red means critical.

There are 3 plans available for Plagiarism Checker X. The Basic plan offers a free 14 day trial. The Pro plan is a good deal at $49.99 for a lifetime subscription. The Business plan is for multi-machine license and is at $199.95.

This tool is available with a free and paid version. The free version allows you to check for plagiarism by simply going to their website and post the URL you want to check. You can also use the free comparison tool that can check 2 web pages against each other. Another downside to the free version is that it only examines the content by showing the URL.

The paid version allows you to get a plagiarism report. There is also the Copysentry feature which notifies you automatically whenever it detects your content being copied in other web pages. You are allowed to do daily and weekly scans. A daily scan will cost $19.95 a month while a monthly scan is only $4.95 a month.

You can also use their plagiarism widgets that you can insert wherever you want to on your website to warn content pirates.

This is a great grammar correction tool which comes with a plagiarism detector. It can scan for duplicate content in research papers, blog posts and web pages. It can also translate around 55 languages.

Their Essential package will cost you $79.95 a year, but is limited to web browser integration. If you need an app for your desktop you would need to pay $119.95 a year for a Premium plan.

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