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We could talk of writing a blog about website design, and it’s all about how a website is designed, or we can talk of how a blog is written, and its content is related to website design. Let’s go to the first topic: The technology of web designing cuts across many disciplines, scientific orientations, and computer-based procedures. Today, due to the fast advancement in technology, web designing can be done by one person using a web design platform like, Wix, BoldGrid, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, and iPage Website Builder to name a few.

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Web design is primarily used for marketing and communication, and web design goals vary depending on the needs of the client and the purpose of communicating either a product, service or even a personality. Today’s technology allows the individual to design his or her website using a platform. In the modern technology of web designing, you can make your desired layout and background, and add sections.

The purpose is to increase the likeability of the design of your website to enable you to sell yourself, your skills, and your products efficiently to the outside world. The technology is being provided to you by the website platform. The web creator must be able to express his creativity in templates and plugins in such a way that the marketing and communication goals of the client or site owner are maximized and creatively displayed. One can utilize numerous website design templates by looking into the site builder’s library, as well as a large stock of plugins to make the site truly functional and useful.

We now go to the second topic. Blog writing is another modern way of feature writing, except that in a blog, a writer’s observations may dominate the article written. A blog is an event, a scene (a landscape), a thing (such as a product) as seen through the eyes of the blogger. The blog could be posted directly on a website or sent to a web service provider for posting.

Start with a selected topic and working title. In your case, if you are writing for a company that decides to produce a blog post about website design, your theme and title will be limited to the specific topic. Then, write a captivating introduction, one that will get the attention of readers. The opening is similar to the sub-headline in news writing. In short, you can use your creativity in writing this portion.

Next is organize your content. Organizing the content of your blog means classifying the data, whether qualitative or quantitative. A content organization would depend on the size and complexity of the material that you intend to present in your blog. You can arrange your content from simple to complex categories so that your audience is not overwhelmed by the sheer volume.

In the website design blog, you write your blog based on the data that you have. The body is the main bulk of your writing where you would have to integrate your creativity with the facts and data about the topic of the PR story. The last portion is equivalent to the longest part of the blog story which is the body that explains in greater detail the significant elements of the story.

Writing Blogs for Money

Blogs are pieces of literature taken from the author’s experience and knowledge about specific subjects. Blogs look into the qualities of a particular person, event, product, process, incident, or thing that the blogger writes for publication. Blog writers learn from writing experience. Some have undergone training in writing or have developed their innate talent in writing.

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Since people look for blogs that are found interesting, blogs are written for readers who are eager to learn about a particular topic, and there are as many blogs as there are places on this planet. We can classify blogs according to trends in blog sites. Writing blogs for money is a natural outcome of the combination of topics and blog sites that publish blogs.

There are many ways of writing blogs for money, one of which is when an experienced blog writer gets hired by someone, or by a business firm or company to write a story about a personality, a product or service. The writer is paid for writing the blog, whether the article is going to be published or not.

An example is a travel blog. Readers are interested in knowing about the places and travel experiences of people. A country, a beach resort like Boracay or a restaurant can attract the attention of readers interested in travel blogs. Travel blogs can be used in advertising places, resorts, restaurants, and travel agencies and the blog writer gets paid by the sponsor of a particular travel and tour business.

Blog writers can also write for online writing sites that pay writers. The blogs of these writers that pass through specific tests are taken and sold to ready buyers who look for specific exciting topics. The agency pays the writers who wrote the blogs. Since a lot of individuals and groups are interested in purchasing blogs for various purposes, a regular blog writer can sell blogs and get paid daily.

If you are not a writer and have a good connection with a business or company that sells blogs, look for a writer who writes blogs, and tell him or her what story you want and the way you want the story written. You can act like a broker by charging a higher fee from the blog purchasing company and pay your writer a standard rate. This way, you can make some money as profit. In short, you buy a blog from a writer and sell the blog to a buyer for a higher price.

Financial blogs are attract more readers especially those who are interested in how to invest their funds or how to make their savings grow. A writer needs to have knowledge and some experience in financial planning and investment to write and publish financial blogs. Blogs about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency trend have attracted more attention from readers. These blogs are more expensive than other articles. A financial blog writer gets paid more than other writers since the information that such writer provides are funded by business companies who can afford to pay a higher price.

Technology blogs, on the other hand, are written by people who have a perceptive knowledge of technology trends including specific products in the electronic industry. If you want to focus on tech blogs, you will never run out business as a writer writing blogs for money.